God's Design Is an Engineering Wonder

Some natural systems, especially living systems, contain ingenious solutions for solving technical problems. Human inventors must solve the same physical problems in order to achieve similar results, and therefore many people are taking inspiration from pre-existing devices found in nature. This practice, called biomimicry, ranges from the simple—like football players’ under-eye anti-glare smudges, a tactic taken from raccoons and meerkats—to the complex, such as reflective-lens technology on satellite telescopes, borrowed from certain lobster eyes.

Evolutionary philosophy holds that ingenious biological features were invented by the unknowing, uncaring, purposeless laws of nature, but it is clear that they were instead engineered by our wise, benevolent, and powerful Creator. Nature has never been observed inventing these kinds of complex structures, each well-suited to its task, and there is not even a theoretical, realistic step-by-step evolutionary explanation for how they could have developed. Thus, in the same way that we infer a painter from a painting, or an engineer from an engine, we infer a Creator from a creation.