Kids on Mission
Science Focused. Gospel Driven. Kids on Mission.
Welcome to Kids on Mission from Institute for Creation Research. This club for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade is created to help kids like you to have a fun and engaging way of learning scientific principles and to see how science and Scripture support each other. We are helping you know that Jesus Christ created science, and He also created you and loves you. Jesus wants to heal what has been broken because of sin, and He wants you to join Him in spreading His truth and love with others.


What is Kids on Mission?
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What will we do?
Learn Science. Love Jesus. You will have a series of scientific challenges or “missions”. When you complete each challenge, you will earn that Mission Patch. Using our online platforms of Google Classroom & SeeSaw, participants will learn about science, complete experiments, and document and analyze your findings. All that we do will be framed in a Biblical creation science worldview, which means that we will look for evidence of design and recent creation in all that we see in the world around us and train participants to think like a creationist. Each challenge connects to a field of science and will focus on a founder of science, scientific principles, and evidences of the amazing design of our Creator, Jesus Christ.


Why join?
You get to learn all kinds of fun science, answer some tough questions, and learn more about our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. You will also learn tips on how to share this information with others!


Ready to get started? Learn more today!
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Join us in the Fall of 2024!