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How do scientific discoveries relate to the Bible? That’s a Fact videos showcase one truth at a time about the Bible, creation, and science in a fun, visual, and engaging format—and in two minutes or less. 

The Fossil Record

Do fossils really show that creatures gradually evolved from simple to complex? The late fossil expert and evolution defender Stephen Jay Gould recognized they didn't. He said the fossil record shows two clear features: 1) sudden appearance and 2) stasis.

Ice Cores

Secular scientists often say that thick ice sheets, like those in Greenland, took hundreds of thousands of years to form. They say each layer represents one year. So all you do is count the layers to get the age, right? Wrong! It's not that simple.

“Junk” DNA

Darwinists assume creatures evolved through random mutations. This leads to another assumption that human DNA must be full of useless sequences. They call it “junk” DNA.

Whale Evolution

In 1859, Darwin speculated that bears evolved into whales. But does this story hold water?

Climate Change

Climate change heats up the headlines. But is the earth really getting warmer?

Creation Days

Genesis says that God created the universe in six days. But some people question what the word “day” means! What is a creation day?

Global Flood

The book of Genesis describes a catastrophic worldwide Flood. Is there any evidence that floodwaters covered the entire Earth?

Big Bang?

How did the universe begin? Some people say that it came into existence billions of years ago in a massive explosion. But this Big Bang has some big problems.

Population Growth

In 2011, the world’s human population reached seven billion. How long did it take for this many humans to be born?

The Seeing Eye

Great photographers pair a select lens to a sophisticated camera and then adjust shutter speed and aperture size to capture the perfect photo. Our eyes perform similar tasks but are precisely engineered better than any camera—and their components are vastly more sophisticated. Could the seeing eye have been made by time and chance?

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