Please note that ICR cannot review or return unsolicited manuscripts, books, or other materials.

Submission Requirements

Want to write for ICR? Please submit your one-page query letter along with your 600-word (or less) news article on the creation science topic of your choice to

Please include the following in your one-page query letter:

  • Topic of your article
  • Why you are the person to write the article; include your credentials
  • How you are acquainted with ICR
  • Your best writing

News article requirements:

  • Your article must be original, unpublished writing.
  • The topic must be related to the creation-evolution debate. Select a topic from or
  • Try to maintain a similar style to our other news articles.
  • Send your article as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • Cite references in Chicago Style and limit to five or less.
  • Remember to keep the article to no more than 600 words.