ICR’s Approach to Scientific Investigation

The Institute for Creation Research is unique among scientific research organizations. Our research is conducted within a biblical worldview, since ICR is committed to the absolute authority of the inerrant Word of God. The real facts of science will always agree with biblical revelation because the God who made the world of God inspired the Word of God.

All origins research must begin with a premise.1 ICR holds that the biblical record of primeval history in Genesis 1–11 is factual, historical, and clearly understandable and, therefore, that all things were created and made in six literal days. Life exists because it was created on Earth by a living Creator. Further, the biblical Flood was global and cataclysmic, and its after-effects therefore explain most of the stratigraphic and fossil evidence found in the earth’s crust. It is within this framework that ICR research is conducted.

ICR is also committed to peer review. Such a commitment means that we subject our scientific conclusions to others within related scientific disciplines and invite their feedback and critiques, since “iron sharpens iron” in the pursuit of scientific excellence (Proverbs 27:17). ICR encourages scholarship, investigation, and careful scrutiny of origins concepts.

Since scientific evidence is open to interpretation, more than one explanation may be advanced for a particular event or situation. It is expected in the scientific community, secular or otherwise, that a given hypothesis may attract dissenting views. In this case, a scientist who disagrees with another scientist’s work will frequently publish his or her views in the relevant technical journals. The research will continue regardless, and the truth of science supporting Scripture will not be hindered in the least.

ICR’s goal is to comprehend and communicate as accurately as possible the ways in which our great Creator built and sustains the world. He is the source of life, purpose, and all things that exist. It is to God we give the glory because He is our Creator and Savior.


  1. Neither evolution nor creation can be scientifically proved, since they are dealing with history instead of repeatable science. For more information on this topic, see “The Nature of Science and of Theories on Origins“ by Dr. Duane Gish.