ICR Mission Statement


  • Glorify Jesus Christ by emphasizing in all ICR resources the credit He is due as Creator.
  • Oppose the deification of nature by exposing Darwinian selectionism as an idolatrous worldview.


  • Help pastors lead, feed, and defend their flocks by providing scientific responses to secular attacks on the authority and authenticity of God’s Word.
  • Change Christians’ view of biology by constructing an organism-focused theory of biological design that highlights Jesus’ work as Creator.


  • Defend the gospel by showing how natural processes cannot explain the miracles in the Bible.
  • Counter objections to the gospel by equipping believers with Scripture-affirming science.

Who We Are

The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) wants people to know that God’s Word can be trusted in everything it speaks about—from how and why we were made, to how the universe was formed, to how we can know God and receive all He has planned for us.

After 50 years of ministry, ICR remains a leader in scientific research within the context of biblical creation. Founded by Dr. Henry Morris in 1970, ICR exists to conduct scientific research within the realms of origins and Earth history, and then to educate the public both formally and informally through professional training programs, through conferences and seminars around the country, and through books, magazines, and media presentations. Click here for more information about ICR founder Henry M. Morris.

ICR was established for three main purposes:

Research. ICR conducts laboratory, field, theoretical, and library research on projects that seek to understand the science of origins and Earth history. ICR scientists have conducted multi-year research projects at key locations such as Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, Yosemite Valley, and Santa Cruz River Valley in Argentina, and on vital issues like Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE), Flood-Activated Sedimentation and Tectonics (FAST), the human genome, soft tissue in fossils, and other topics related to geology, genetics, astro/geophysics, paleoclimatology, paleobiochemistry, and much more.

Education. ICR offers formal courses of instruction and conducts seminars and workshops, as well as other means of instruction. With 40 years experience in education, first through our California-based science education program (19812010) and now with programs offered through the School of Biblical Apologetics, ICR trains men and women to do real-world apologetics with a foundation of biblical authority and creation science. ICRs online programs include a one-year, non-degree training program for professionals called the Creationist Worldview and an Origins Matter Short Course series. Additionally, ICR scientists and staff speak to numerous groups each year through seminars and conferences, as well as offering live science presentations at the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History.

Communication. ICR produces books, videos, periodicals, and other media for communicating the evidence and information related to its research and education. ICR’s central publication is Acts & Facts, a full-color monthly magazine with a readership of over 250,000, providing articles relevant to science, apologetics, education, and worldview issues. ICR also publishes the daily devotional Days of Praise with over 500,000 readers worldwide. Our website at ICR.org features regular and relevant creation science updates. The three radio programs produced by ICR can be heard on outlets around the world, and we make our materials available through multiple social media outlets.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ICRs latest outreach is the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History, with cutting-edge exhibits, planetarium shows, and live science presentations. The Institute for Creation Research continues to expand its work and influence, endeavoring to encourage Christians with the wonders of God’s creation.