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Made In His Image is one of the most powerful productions ever made on the marvels of God’s creation.  It is scientifically accurate, theologically sound, intellectually stimulating, and spiritually uplifting.  Don’t miss it!” — Emeal (“E. Z.”) Zwayne, President, Living Waters 

Made in His Image

A four-episode DVD series on the complexities of the human body

Following the the enthusiastic response to their groundbreaking DVD series Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research offers Made in His Image, a four-episode series that will take the audience on a journey through the most complex and miraculous creation on Earth—us.

There is no better example of complex, conscious design than the human body. This awe-inspiring series will explore some of its most extraordinary systems, which are so perfectly designed and masterfully engineered that the viewer will be left with no doubt that we are indeed created by an expert designer, God.

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“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27

Produced from a biblical perspective, Made in His Image will inspire audiences by looking at the human body in all its wonder—fully functional, fully human, and fully created in God’s image.

Featuring medical, engineering, and other experts like Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Made in His Image will fascinate audiences with mind-blowing facts, dazzling imagery, and memorable illustrations.

The four episodes will examine the stages of human development and show that everything we need to fulfill God’s plan is instilled in us from the first moments of life. Each episode reinforces the knowledge that every human is special to God. He has endowed each of us with unique physical abilities, intellect, and spiritual lives to fulfill His purpose.

This four-episode DVD series comes with one viewer guide. Additional viewer guides are sold separately.


Episode 1: The Miracle of Birth. Only a masterful Creator could enable a baby to thrive in a watery world for nine months then suddenly live in an air-breathing environment at birth. Witness His incredible design from gestation to birth.


Episode 2: The Marvel of Eyes. The intricate engineering of the human visual system is vital for cognitive development from infancy through adulthood.


Episode 3: Uniquely Human Hands. Human hands and muscles display purposeful design, granting us unique abilities controlled by a sophisticated nervous system.


Episode 4: Beauty in Motion. This final episode illustrates the peak of human ability through athletic performance and highlights the aspects of complex design that confirm divine creation.

Christians of all ages will marvel at the complexity of God’s creation as revealed in Made in His Image. We hope this series will prompt viewers to worship the greatest Designer of all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.