Man Was Created Distinct from Apes

Decisive evidence has accumulated that refutes the evolutionary concept that mankind evolved from an ape-like ancestor. For example, all candidate intermediate forms are disputed by evolutionary paleontologists. A fossil thought by some evolutionists to represent a “pre-human” is often interpreted by others as an extinct primate.

Also, none of the proposed transitional forms possess features that show any “halfway” structures. Instead, the features are all already fully formed and suited for the individual’s overall mode of life, whether that of living in trees or dwelling on the ground. Further, nobody has demonstrated step by step how any ape-like set of features could have transmutated into any of the long list of specifically human traits, including skeletal arrangements that enable mankind’s peculiar and efficient “knees pointed forward” manner of walking.

The Creator of all life said in His Word that He created mankind specially and in His image, and the fossil evidence bears this out. Some fossils are not informative enough to accurately identify. Thus, any given "hominin" fossil is either unknown, or from a human, or from an ape.