There would have been a massive cooling effect that would have been most pronounced during summer and autumn months.

Climate Change

Meteorology is the study of atmospheric phenomena, including weather processes and climate trends. Through experiments, scientists gain a more complete understanding of what makes weather work. Through modeling, meteorologists can project the workings of weather to predict such things as storm tracks and intensities.

The same modeling technology is also used to extrapolate the workings of weather into the past. These standard models have been used, for example, to calculate the intensity of huge storms that piled massive amounts of frozen precipitation onto continents, which initiated the post-Flood Ice Age.

Evidence for Global Warming

Evidence for Global Warming

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Global Warming? Trees to the Rescue!

A recent collaboration of scientists found that forests "have become dramatically more efficient in how they use water," and the key to that efficiency was an uptick in atmospheric carbon dioxide. More...

Leaked Emails May Show Global Warming Research Is a Fraud

Over a thousand sensitive emails and documents from Britain’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia were published online in late November without CRU’s permission.

Some of their content suggests that the data used to support the theory of human -caused global warming have not been accurately represented. More...

Global Warming Halts, Arctic Ice Multiplies

How could polar ice increase if man-made pollutants—which have not appreciably diminished of late—continue to heat the earth, melt glaciers, and kill polar bears? Something is missing from the models scientists are using to make contradictory climate predictions. More...

Oil Companies, Global Warming, and Hurricanes: How Does Real Science Analyze Cause and Effect?

The prophet Jeremiah once vigorously argued with Jewish men and women who insisted that their troubles were caused by a failure to worship the queen of heaven. People today might sneer at such irrational idolatry, but is modern society immune from illogical and superstitious thinking?

Perhaps we can learn a lesson in logic by comparing Jeremiah's situation to a bizarre lawsuit over damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. More...

Rainforest Fossils Demonstrate Dramatic Climate Change

Rainforest Fossils Demonstrate Dramatic Climate Change

Researchers are recovering beautiful fossils from the Cerrejón Formation of Colombia. Most recently, a study examined the formation’s fossilized flora and the rainforest environment in which they lived. There is evidence of dramatic ocean surface temperature changes, as well as global and local climate changes, since the formation was deposited. More...