Cells Protect Life Systems

For DNA and proteins to function properly, a barrier must surround these molecules to prevent unwanted reactions with the chemicals in the environment. As expected, DNA has the information to maintain this barrier, the cell membrane, and proteins provide the catalyst for carrying out the reactions necessary for building and maintaining this barrier. Information in DNA also constructs the cell membrane so that it selects substances useful to the cell and protects against those that will cause harm. These three factors, DNA information, protein catalysts (enzymes), and a protective environment, are all required simultaneously for life to exist as cells.

Cells also represent the very existence of physical life, an observation that led to the Cell Theory:

• All living things are made of cells.
• All cells come from similar pre-existing cells.
• Cells perform the functions of all living things.

From this simple observation, it is clear that life comes from similar pre-existing life and not from non-living material or unrelated life forms, a theory termed Biogenesis. Scripture tells us that ultimately all life originated from Christ (John 1).