Nature Reveals God's Provision

God provides everything we need. Consider this: why does the earth provide edible food in the first place?  If the planting and harvesting of crops were not so commonplace, we would (or should) regard growing cycles of corn, beans, fruit trees, potatoes, or any other plant as amazing miracles.

The sun's energy warms our planet. Hot air blows from areas heated by the sun to cooler areas. The sun's energy brings rain. Water evaporates from the ocean and falls to the land as it cools. The sun powers the winds that move the water vapor to the land. The sun's energy renews air. With our sun's energy, plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The sun's energy grows food. Plants capture sunlight and store it in sugar, starch, and fat.

Many other stars are too hot to support life. Many are too cold. Some vary from hot to cold too much. Some stars are too big and some are too small. Our sun is one of the few types that is ideally suited to support life. It has the right brightness and variability. It radiates the right range of energy in the right amounts. Most stars in the universe are not perfectly balanced for life, but our sun is.

There are thousands of examples of an integrated and purposeful plan for provision through the flora and fauna of our planet.  Everywhere one looks, if one really tries to understand what is going on, it is easy to see an Intelligent Designer behind the common, everyday occurences of our world.