Man Was Recently and Miraculously Created in the Image of God

What separates man from the animal kingdom? Although human genetics and human appearance are different from any animal, there are less apparent, but more important, reasons that determine the nature of man than just his genome.

Genesis chapter one reveals that man was created in the image of God, a quality that separates him from the animals created on day six. This special creation explains why man’s behavior is far more complex than any other living thing on the planet. Man reveals God’s image in many ways. For example:

• He is able to imagine and create objects never seen before (art, buildings, etc.).
• He is able to show compassion for strangers.
• He is able to ponder his role and fate in creation.

Man also differs from the other creatures in his relationship to God. Man was created to serve other men and God, a fact that forms the basis for society. Men are God's most treasured creation. God treasures man so much that He died to reconcile man to Himself. It is this value that God places on man that truly separates him from the rest of creation. What really distinguishes man from the animals is the decision each man will make in response to God’s provision for salvation.