Depart from me

Psalms 6:8

6:8 Depart from me. The first part of this verse was quoted by Christ (Matthew 7:23; Luke 13:27). This to some degree warrants us in thinking of the entire psalm as Messianic, giving an insight into the inner sufferings of Christ as he was rejected and opposed by many enemies.

Psalm 7 (title) Shiggaion. Shiggaion occurs only here and in Habakkuk 3:1 (Shigionoth is a variant spelling). Its meaning is uncertain, but possibly refers to a type of staccato-type rhythm appropriate to the strong emotion in the psalm.

Psalm 7 (title) Cush. There is no mention of this Cush by name in any of the historical books. As a Benjamite, he probably counseled Saul in Saul’s attempt to slay and oppose David.

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