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Biblical Archaeology Conference
... Archaeology Conference Is the Bible reliable? Did the events described in it truly happen? What does the evidence indicate? Join the Institute for Creation Research LIVE on YouTube November 10–11 for the Biblical Archaeology...
Anthropology, Archaeology, and Asteroids
... creatures and terrifying cataclysms riddle the timeline of Earth history. What can we learn about the pre-Flood world, the origin of humanity, and other scientific mysteries? ICR geologist and Research Associate Dr. Tim Clarey...
August 2023 Postcard
... Learn more here. NEW BOOK! Purchase a copy of Archaeology and the Bible here. FEATURED EVENTS: October 12–14: 2023 ICR Creation Mega Conference — Phoenix, AR October 16–19: Parks Across...
From Ruins to Revelation: Truths Revealed Through Biblical Archaeology | Creation.Live Podcast: Episode 25 - Article
Staff Writer - ... that are seemingly lost to time, but through the field of archaeology, new finds are shedding light on the incredible authenticity and accuracy of God's Word!   Hosts Trey and Lauren are joined by Dr. Randall Price to discuss this...
'James...Brother of Jesus' Ossuary Is Rock Solid - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... are in. The November/December 2002 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review magazine published the translation, dated at between 6 and 70 A.D. according to paleographer Andre Lemaire.1 A paleographer is an expert in ancient...
Acts & Facts Kids Edition 2023
Evidences for Creation: DVD | Digital Download Biblical Archaeology: Sifting Through the Sands of Time, Vol. 1: DVD | Digital Download More Than Survival: The Overdesign of Humankind: DVD | Digital...
New Finds Reveal Fully-Human Neandertal - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... been able to interbreed with other post-Babel peoples. Archaeology also confirms this biblical perspective. Though about 40 Neandertal graves show intentional and ritual burial rites, many scientists remain intent on defending their...
More Evidence of King Solomon's Copper Mine - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... difficult to believe. A recent online article in Popular Archaeology stated, "The significance of the discoveries at KEN fall within the context of a larger debate about chronology and the credibility of traditional interpretations about the...
Historical Accuracy
many millions of man-hours of research and evidence analysis, archaeology has repeatedly confirmed the reliability of the Bible. The Bible has been proven geographically and re-proven historically accurate, in the most exacting detail, by external...
Artifact Confirms Ancient Bethlehem - Article
Brian Thomas, Ph.D. - ... of this small and ancient city is firmly established by archaeology. Eli Shukron, director of the excavation of Jerusalem's ancient City of David, said in an Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release, "this is the first time...
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