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Letting God Settle Matters

Philippians 4:7 promises that God will give us a peace that surpasses all comprehension. One of my professors in seminary described this as "a settled conviction." It is certainty in the midst of chaos--a conviction that He has already settled the matter, and therefore I don't need to be anxious.

Certainty is not simply a nice byproduct of prayer; it is a vital pillar of purposeful and productive living. Without certainty in something, life has no meaning; it becomes just a series of seemingly aimless reactions to supposedly random circumstances.

Those who name Christ as Creator, and His Word as accurate and authoritative, have obtained a measure of certainty at the most basic level of living. But those who doubt what the Creator did in the beginning, or that He really meant what He said in the Bible--which some evangelical leaders are now doing--have exchanged these most essential divine assurances for what amounts to human accolades, desiring the favor of men over the favor of God. As ICR founder Dr. Henry Morris describes in "Dangerous Turn Ahead," traveling down the road to compromise only leads to a dead end.

ICR's work in science and education for the past four decades has involved understanding, describing, and at times even defending these fundamental certainties, as we are now doing in the state of Texas.

Most Acts & Facts readers are aware that ICR recently filed suit in both federal and state courts regarding the unconstitutional actions of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). Like Paul appealing to Caesar in Acts, ICR is seeking a fair hearing in order to obtain a nondiscriminatory review of our educational program. The outcome is firmly in the Lord's hands.

Interestingly, there's a lot of bizarre information circulating around the Internet regarding these lawsuits. The most hilarious urban myths are from the blog site of a supposedly "practicing attorney" who boasts of a law degree from Harvard. Quite carelessly, this admitted atheist names the THECB attorneys as actually representing ICR; he fails to notice that ICR filed both federal and state lawsuits on the same day; and he failed to locate the official Texas bar information on ICR attorney Johnson, who has practiced federal litigation for most of his career. The atheist lawyer committed so many simple errors in his "analysis" of ICR's legal battle that one feels sorry for the clients he represents in his own practice!

So, if you want accurate information about our actions, get updates at the ICR Press Room (www.icr.org/press), where we routinely post our official statements on this important matter.

But instead of drowning in Internet invectives and threats against ICR for its stand on science and the Bible, spend a few minutes each day interceding on our behalf, asking the Lord to thwart the schemes of the Enemy, as well as to allow ICR public opportunities to honor the Creator in the midst of our battle.

And looking forward, don't forget to reserve your spot on our 2009 Yosemite Creation Tour, September 12-20. It's a great time of year to visit this spectacular destination full of the wonders of God's creation. Call our Tour Coordinator at 800.337.0375, or email tours@icr.org. Visit www.icr.org/yosemite for online details.

June marks the end of ICR's fiscal year and the beginning of the lean summer months that many ministries experience financially. Your gift to the strategic ministries of ICR before June 30 will be of great encouragement as we look forward to implementing new projects designed to defend the accuracy and authority of the Bible, something that we've maintained since our founding nearly 40 years ago.

* Mr. Ford is Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Ford, L. 2009. Letting God Settle Matters. Acts & Facts. 38 (6): 3.

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