Jurassic Omelette

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? And what about dinosaur eggs?

Evidence for Creation: Fossils Show Rapid and Catastrophic Burial

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Missing in Action

The missing link… Commonly thought of as a hypothetical ape-like creature. This evolutionary rock star is supposed to bridge the gap between man and ape. But there are missing links all over Darwin's evolutionary tree. And guess what... they are still missing.

Evidence for Creation: Fossils Reflect Life's Original Diversity

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Three in One

For centuries philosophers and theologians have tried to explain the Trinity. Some have tried but our attempts often fall short. However, God in His wisdom provided an example in creation that is a parallel to His own Triune existence—the universe.

Evidence for Creation: Evidence for God

Muscle Man

Bodybuilders are known for having the best muscles. It's no easy feat, because the structure of our muscles is complicated and the biological processes are sophisticated in both man and animals.

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Intelligent Surveys

You would think after 200 years, the theory of evolution would have convinced more people. How many people today actually believe the theory of evolution?

Evidence for Creation: Assessable Results

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Back Trouble

Ever have back troubles? Evolutionists would have you think that the root of back pain comes from evolutionary ancestors. But the fact of the matter is, two legs or four, we all get back troubles.

Evidence for Creation: Man Was Created by God

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Goldilocks Planet

Scientists have been searching for the Goldilocks planet for years. Like the fairy tale, it's about finding a planet that's "just right" for life. But earth is the only planet that's able to support life, as created by a loving God.

Evidence for Creation: Evidence from Science

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Ant Engineer

Ants can ruin picnics and cause all kinds of trouble. But these little creatures have amazing attributes that scientists are now learning from.

Evidence for Creation: Life Was Created Fully Functional

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Land Ho

Despite the no-frills travel these days, millions continue to fly each year.. on business, on vacation, and for the holidays. But few travel over seven thousand miles in just nine days—and no airplane can do it without stopping.

Evidence for Creation: The Flood Was Global

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Beetle Battle

We've all seen pictures of animals doing battle or predators stalking their unsuspecting prey. But the Bombardier beetle is equipped with what scientists have described as a chemical cannon.

Evidence for Creation: Living Creatures Were Equipped to Adapt

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