Turkey Coma?

How did turkey become the main course for most Thanksgiving feasts? Is the tryptophan in turkey to blame for the annual "turkey coma"? Whether or not this bird is on the menu for your family this holiday season, we have a lot to thank God for.

Evidence for Creation: Nature Reveals God's Provision

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Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark

The Bible says that two of every animal kind were on the Ark with Noah. So, were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? What did they eat? How did they all fit?

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Extraterrestrial Life

The question of whether there's life on other planets is a hot topic in sci-fi movies and TV shows, but secular scientists really do believe they'll find life beyond Earth. Is Earth just another planet, or is there something special about it?

Evidence for Creation: The Earth Is Unique

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Fibonacci Numbers

Throughout history, intelligent scholars have explored the complex mysteries of numbers. One such intellectual was Leonardo of Pisa—also known as Fibonacci. What do Fibonacci numbers reveal about our Creator?

Evidence for Creation: God Caused Order

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Our Young Universe

Everywhere we look in the universe, we see that the evidence is consistent with what the Bible says about its age. Just how old is the universe?

Evidence for Creation: Evidence from the Physical Sciences

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Seven-day Week

There aren't any astronomical reasons why a week has seven days. Or why we traditionally work for six of those days and rest on the seventh. Why is a week seven days long?

Evidence for Creation: Authentic Text

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Dinosaurs and Humans

Did humans and dinosaurs co-exist? Are dinosaurs in the Bible? See what lab tests show about the actual age of dinosaur bones.

Evidence for Creation: Men and Dinosaurs Coexisted

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Language Families

Genesis 10 documents about 70 different language families in its Table of Nations. About how many language families are there today? How does science confirm the number?

Evidence for Creation: Accurate Data

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Throwing a Strike

Great pitchers make throwing a ball look easy, but there's a lot more to it than you might think. How does God's design allow us to throw even one pitch for a strike?

Evidence for Creation: All Life Systems Were Created by God

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Biblical Giants

You may know the story of how David fought Goliath, a giant man armed with a sword. Just how big were Goliath and other giants of the Bible? How can this be explained today?

Evidence for Creation: Scientific Accuracy