meditate day and night

Psalms 1:2

1:2 meditate day and night. The psalmist seems here to be drawing on the wise counsel of Joshua (Joshua 1:8). Contrast this habitual and profitable meditation on God’s Word with the ungodly “imaginings” of unbelievers (Psalm 2:1). The words “meditate” and “imagine” are translations of the same Hebrew word.

l:3 shall prosper. Again note Joshua 1:8. Fruit that is produced by a believer well grounded and stable in the Scriptures will “remain.” Note Colossians 2:7; John 15:7,16.

Psalm 2 (title). Although this psalm has no superscript identifying its author, it is attributed to David in Acts 4:25. It is also identified as “the second psalm” in Acts 13:33, showing that the chapter divisions in the book of Psalms have been there right from the start. That it is a Messianic psalm is confirmed by its being quoted in the New Testament at least five times, always referring to its fulfillment in Christ.

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