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Press Release 01 15 2008


January 15, 2008

Graduate School
Institute for Creation Research
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Dallas - On January 10, 2008, representatives of the Institute for Creation Research Graduate School (ICRGS) met with THECB Commissioner Dr. Raymund Paredes and his staff to discuss the school’s current application for a certificate of authority to grant degrees in the state of Texas.

On December 14, 2007, a THECB Certification Advisory Council recommended that THECB issue this authority to ICRGS. This recommendation was based on the November 8, 2007 THECB Site Evaluation Team report, which favored granting this authority to ICRGS.

The THECB site examiners described course syllabi and student work as being acceptably rigorous, and said the “clearly designed” goals and objectives in each course are appropriate for a credible program and “would be generally comparable to an initial master’s degree in science education from one of the smaller, regional universities in the state.”

As a result of the January 10 meeting, Commissioner Paredes has requested that ICRGS provide supplemental information to further document the scope of science and education curricula in order to ensure that the ICRGS Master’s Program is indeed teaching at a graduate level, as the Site Team had determined.

ICRGS is pleased to continue working with THECB in this process and to demonstrate its compliance and its competency in the fields that it teaches. The Dean and faculty will prepare the additional material and provide the requested documentation in time for the April 2008 meeting of the THECB.

ICRGS has been granting degrees from its California campus since 1981 and currently offers a Master’s Degree in Science Education, with a declared minor in Biology, Astro/Geophysics, Geology, or General Science.
The goal of the ICR Graduate School is to provide teachers with the scientific knowledge and teaching skills necessary to actively engage their students and to prepare scientifically literate graduates.


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