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For over 40 years, ICR has distinguished itself as the leader in creation science research and education. ICR’s professional science and apologetics staff members present evidences for the scientific truth of creation through their published writings, their speaking engagements, and their participation in various media venues.


To request an interview with an ICR expert, please send the following information to

  • Program name
  • Program website
  • Station (if any) on which it is normally aired
  • Program host/interviewer
  • Interview topic
  • Interview time
  • Interview length
  • Program format: call-in, individual interview, panel discussion, etc.
  • Is the program recorded or live?
  • Contact number/email


ICR scientists are also available for conferences, seminars, church services, and other events. To request an ICR speaker for your event, click here. For a list of currently scheduled events, click here. For a list of ICR speakers, click here.

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