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Great Expectations

In January, we often review our goals with great expectations for the year ahead. It helps to reflect on where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. We want to rejoice in God’s goodness to us during 2017 as we anticipate His even greater work in 2018. You are our partners in this ministry, and we couldn’t spread God’s creation truth without you. Let’s take some time to reflect on all He accomplished through us together in the past year.

ICR took some giant steps in 2017. We began construction on the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History in April and ended the year with the completion of the foundation and structural steel of the new construction. We also completed the interior framing of the existing structure renovation. This long-planned project is gradually taking shape, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

This long-planned project is gradually taking shape, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Tweet: This long-planned project is gradually taking shape, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Great Expectations:

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ICR scientists conducted research at our Dallas facilities and presented their findings in meetings across the country. Each month in 2017, we detailed some of their results and conclusions in Acts & Facts, which now reaches well over 250,000 readers. Days of Praise, our most widely distributed publication, reached almost 400,000 readers last quarter. We also provided up-to-date creation science news each week at Watch for our upcoming new website format—we hope you will enjoy the fresh presentation of the content you’ve trusted for decades. The articles, technical papers, devotionals, event updates, videos, podcasts, store connection, and other information will still be available to help you share and learn about God’s creation and the accuracy and authority of His Word.

We published several new resources to educate believers and help them reach others with creation truth. The Universe: A Journey Through God’s Grand Design is a four-episode DVD series with an accompanying viewer guide. Our book publications included Henry M. Morris: Father of Modern Creationism, Places to Walk: Glorious Liberty of the Children of God, and Twenty Evolutionary Blunders: Dangers and Difficulties of Darwinian Thinking. We designed them to equip both our general and more scholarly audiences. We also released the first two books in our Science for Kids series—Dinosaurs: God’s Mysterious Creatures and Space: God’s Majestic Handiwork. Watch for more entries in this series in 2018.

We began offering digital downloads—you can purchase ebooks as well as videos at Our online That’s a Fact videos have over 12 million lifetime views, and our radio programs reached hundreds of stations throughout the country. New people connected with us on a variety of social media platforms, and our followers continue to interact with us and other creation advocates each day! Our Facebook ( following grew to over 147,000. You can also follow us on Twitter (@ICRscience), Instagram (@ICRscience), Pinterest (, LinkedIn, and Google+.

You helped us raise funds for the construction of the ICR Discovery Center. Together we met a $4-million matching gift challenge. We still need around $10 million to complete the interior, but many of you regularly send financial support to help finalize the exhibits as well as provide for ICR’s ongoing operations.

Together, let’s renew our resolve to hold fast to what is true. Let’s remain faithful to the good work He has called us to do. Tweet: Together, let’s renew our resolve to hold fast to what is true. Let’s remain faithful to the good work He has called us to do.

Great Expectations:

@icrscience @JaymeDurant

We also received thousands of letters and emails from friends all over the world, telling stories of personal salvation, strengthened faith, and encouraged spirits. These statistics are not mere numbers—they reflect individual hearts and minds touched by the truth of God’s Word. We thank God for all of the many milestones we reached this past year. Together, let’s renew our resolve to hold fast to what is true. Let’s remain faithful to the good work He has called us to do. We can’t wait to see all 2018 holds!

* Jayme Durant is Director of Communications at the Institute for Creation Research.

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