Worldwide Catastrophic Evidence Is Everywhere

Catastrophic displacements of enormous plates of the earth’s crust provided the driving force for the global flood and produced the deep spaces for the oceans to drain into after the global flood.

The majority of our planet's sedimentary rock appears to have accumulated rapidly by means of a worldwide flood. Single layers were quickly formed that covered large parts of the globe.

Fault surfaces that contain zones characterized by microbreccias and pseudotachylite are evidences for rapid displacements.

Beveled surfaces below, within, and above thick strata sequences provide evidence of rapid flood and post-flood erosion. Sheetform beveled surfaces below and within thick strata sequences provide evidence of widespread sediment sublimation during a global flood (e.g., the paraconformity between Coconino Sandstone and Hermit Shale on Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon).

As further evidence for the worldwide nature of the flood, ancient human cultures across the globe appear to possess legends recounting a great global flood.