Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference • Spokane, WA.

Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Dr. Frank Sherwin and Dr. Tim Clarey will speak on biblical creation at the Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Creation Conference sponsored by Alpha Ministries and held at the Fourth Memorial Church in Spokane, Washington.

Many Christians wrestle with the seeming disparity between faith and science. They want to believe the inerrancy of Scripture, but it’s difficult to reconcile their beliefs with what science texts teach. The Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference seeks to resolve this conflict by answering key questions about the design of living things, the age of the universe, and how scientific evidence lines up with the Bible.

Early Registration:
Early bird tickets are $15.00 for adults, and $5.00 for youth and children. All ticket prices increase by $5.00 after October 1st.


Dates: Oct 14, 2022 - Oct 15, 2022


Friday, October 14th
Time Speaker Session Description
6:30 p.m. Dr. Randy Guliuzza General Session
Great Answers to 3 Key Questions About Origins
This dynamic message will ask and answer three important questions relevant to the creationevolution debate that every Christian should know. 1. How do you interpret and understand Genesis 1 and 2? 2. What is your take on Darwinian evolution and its compatibility with Christian faith? 3. Are you open to the natural world pointing to design? Why or why not? You could be asked these same basic questions by a coworker, your next-door neighbor, or the person worshiping next to you at church. Come and enjoy a whiteboard talk that will prepare you with the biblical and scientific tools to answer your friends with confidence.
7:30 p.m. Break
7:50 p.m. Dr. Tim Clarey General Session
The Truth About the Global Flood
In this presentation, Dr. Clarey shows how sedimentary evidence across several continents confirms the occurrence of a global flood. He presents oil industry data compiled into maps and diagrams that illustrate the progression of the Flood and match the biblical narrative. He provides biblically based scientific explanations for large-scale sedimentary deposits that were rapidly formed by catastrophic activity. This abundant evidence supports a worldwide flood that happened just thousands of years ago.
Saturday, October 15th
Time Speaker Session Description
9:00 a.m. Dr. Randy Guliuzza General Session
Replacing Darwin’s Sacred Imposter
We will learn about the latest creationist framework for explaining adaptation that integrates with a discussion of how design-based biological explanations expose the inherent idolatry of the concept of natural selection.
9:00 a.m. Dr. Frank Sherwin Children’s Session
Animals of the Bible
Take a tour of the many animals listed in Scripture – from camels to dragons. Each creature is given a description of a unique trait or design perspective that shouts creation!
10:00 a.m. Break
10:20 a.m. Dr. Frank Sherwin General Session
The Recovery of Mt. Saint Helens
After the eruption of MSH the blast area looked like a lunar landscape. It was predicted by some that it would take many decades for animals & plants to repopulate the blast zone. Surprisingly, this was not the case. Dr Sherwin looks at brand-new islands such as the origin and rapid colonization of Surtsey in 1963. Creation ecologists have extrapolated the rapid recovery of MSH to what happened directly after the Flood 4500 years ago.
10:20 a.m. Dr. Tim Clarey Children’s Session
Dinosaurs: Marvels of God’s Design
Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? How big were they? Could they fit on the Ark? Dr. Clarey discusses the uniqueness of God’s created dinosaurs and answers many of the questions young people encounter in secular media and even in children’s books. This talk is especially suited for younger audiences.
10:00 a.m. Break
11:30 a.m. Dr. Tim Clarey General Session
Do Dinosaurs Support Evolutionary Theory?
Dr. Clarey refutes the notion of dinosaur evolution and ancestry by examining four common dinosaur myths. He exposes each one using scientific evidence and concludes that dinosaurs were created just thousands of years ago. Dinosaurs were not feathered and likely not warm-blooded as most secularists seem to believe. The evidence supports the idea that all dinosaur kinds were created fully-formed by God on Day 6 of the creation week.
11:30 a.m. Dr. Frank Sherwin Children’s Session
The Founders of Science
We have all heard of Newton, Kepler, Boyle, Faraday and others whose original scientific discoveries and research have paved the way for later generations. What is not well-known and in fact has been hidden or dismissed, is that most of these great scientists were also men of God and His Word. Learn ‘the rest of the story’ when it comes to the faith and dedication these people had to Christ and Scripture.
12:20 p.m. Break for Lunch
1:40 p.m. Dr. Frank Sherwin General Session
The Wonderful Oceans
Dr. Sherwin discusses the amazing variety of marine life found in venues from tidal pools all the way to crushing ocean depths over five miles down. He also talks about the critical connection between moon-induced tides and weather, and important paths or currents in the oceans mentioned in Scripture (Psalm 8). Finally, he addresses how the volume of water in the oceans relates to the Genesis Flood.
1:40 p.m. Speaker TBD Children’s Session
TBD Activity
2:30 p.m. Break
2:50 p.m. Dr. Randy Guliuzza General Session
Five Minutes with a Darwinist
If you only had five minutes to talk with a friend who believes in evolution, could you quickly topple evolution’s main pillars and present a strong case for creation? Dr. Guliuzza provides the skills necessary for Christians to talk intelligently and succinctly with evolutionists—without references to religion, revelation, or faith.
2:50 p.m. Speaker TBD Children’s Session
TBD Activity
3:40 p.m. Break
4:00 p.m. Q&A with Dr. Guliuzza, Dr. Sherwin, and Dr. Clarey
4:45 p.m. Conclusion

Conference Location
Fourth Memorial Church
2000 N. Standard
Spokane, WA. 99207

For more information, please call 214.615.8306 or email events@ICR.org.

Sunday, October 16th - Field Trips with ICR Scientists, Dr. Tim Clarey and Dr. Frank Sherwin
Choose from one of two field trips on Sunday, October 16th, with either Dr. Tim Clarey or Dr. Frank Sherwin. These field trips provide an opportunity to see God’s creatures and creation first hand as you learn insights into the design of animals, and the evidence of the Global Flood, from ICR scientists who are experts in the fields of geology and zoology.

Steptoe Butte Field Trip with Dr. Tim Clarey on Sunday, October 16th. Join ICR Geologist, Dr. Tim Clarey on a field trip as he discusses the geological formation of Steptoe Butte and the surrounding areas.

Cat Tales Wildlife Center Field Trip with Dr. Frank Sherwin on Sunday, October 16th. Join ICR Zoologist, Dr. Frank Sherwin on a field trip as his discusses the creature features of the animals at Cat Tales Wildlife Center.

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