Dr. Brian Thomas and Dr. Jake Hebert will speak on biblical creation at the Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference held at Lincoln Christian School in Lincoln, Nebraska. Many Christians wrestle with the seeming disparity between faith and science. They want to believe the inerrancy of Scripture, but it’s difficult to reconcile their beliefs with what science texts teach. The Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference seeks to resolve this conflict by answering key questions about the design of living things, the age of the universe, and how scientific evidence lines up with the Bible.

Date: Jun 26, 2021

Admission is $12.50 for adults. Students and children ages 18 and younger are free. A boxed lunch from Chick-Fil-A is included with your registration.


Saturday, June 26th
Time Speaker Title Description
9:00 a.m. Dr. Jake Hebert Combined Session 1
"Our Young Universe"
Take a virtual tour of our solar system and beyond! This presentation includes spectacular images of celestial bodies in our “local” celestial neighborhood. Learn how well-known objects in our own solar system present problems for evolutionary theories but confirm recent creation.
10:00 a.m. Break
10:20 a.m. Dr. Brian Thomas Combined Session 2
"Adam, Not Apes"
Polls show that illustrations of ape-like human ancestors convince more Americans of evolution than any other subject. Dr. Thomas shows how to place ape-man candidate fossils into three Genesis-friendly categories.
11:10 a.m. Break
11:30 a.m. Dr. Jake Hebert Adult Session 1
“Our Young World"
This hard-hitting presentation provides four reasons why every Christian ought to affirm a recent creation and global Flood. Especially useful for Christians who may be skeptical of the recent creation position.
11:30 a.m. Dr. Brian Thomas Youth Session 1
"Fossils: Evolution or Flood?”
In this interactive presentation, Dr. Thomas shows certain fossils with features that refute gradual evolution and slow fossilization through evidence of purposeful design and rapid burial.
12:20 p.m. Lunch break
1:30 p.m. Dr. Brian Thomas Adult Session 2
"How Creatures Adapt”
Charles Darwin’s ideas about how creatures change have influenced us more than the actual ways that creatures change. Stunning animal adaptations reveal new hallmarks of handiwork.
1:30 p.m. Dr. Jake Hebert Youth Session 2
“Dinosaurs and the Bible"
Many Christians are unsure how dinosaurs fit into the Bible. Dr. Hebert explains how the Bible easily makes sense of the historical and scientific evidence about dinosaurs. He also demonstrates how to develop a biblical worldview.
2:20 p.m. Break
2:40 p.m. Dr. Brian Thomas Combined Session 3
"Personal Discoveries that Confirm Creation”
Where did we come from? Do questions about origins matter to the core doctrines of Christianity? Dr. Thomas tells of the science that led him to change his mind on the earth’s age, where fossils came from, and how Genesis supports the gospel.
3:45 p.m. Both speakers Q&A

Lincoln Christian School
5801 S 84th St
Lincoln, NE 68516

For more information, please call 214.615.8325 or email events@ICR.org.

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