Unique Environment for Life

If evolution works to evolve life to fit the existing environments, why has it not equally conquered all of the various environments here and elsewhere?

Earth is far better suited for life than any other planet, yet even here most of the environments are too hot, too cold, too far underground or too far above ground to support much life. In the many thousands of miles of changing environments from the center of the earth to the edge of its atmosphere, there are only a few meters of habitable environment for most life forms, and therefore, almost all creatures are forced to live there. Although in our solar system only the earth was made to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18), even on the earth only a thin slice is ideally suited for most life-forms, including those we are most familiar with, such as mammals, birds, and reptiles.

This thin section, though, is teeming with life. It is estimated that an acre of typical farm soil, six inches deep, has several tons of living bacteria, almost a ton of fungi, two hundred pounds of one-cell protozoan animals, about one hundred pounds of yeast, and the same amount of algae.