Obedience to the Dominion Mandate also requires the concordant development of physical and biological technologies (engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc.). These activities under the stewardship of the Dominion Mandate imply the complementary enterprises known by the modern terms of science and technology, research and development, theory and practice, etc.

Technology, development, and practice suggest the application and utilization of the physical and biological processes and systems, as learned from their scientific study, for the benefit of mankind and the glory of God.

There have also arisen the social sciences (psychology, sociology, etc.) and their respective technologies for implementation in organized human societies (economics, government, politics, etc.), so that these fields now also come within the bounds of the Dominion Mandate and thus are proper disciplines.

As with scientific research, factual and quantitative data in all areas of study is most accurate and useful in technological development. The interpretive and philosophical applications, however, are either tainted or enhanced by one’s spiritual condition.