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William West, M.C.Ed. - As a systems administrator, I see thousands of emails come in where someone is trying to get a user to click on a link. A lot of these are just plain old “I want to sell you this.” They are very annoying, but ultimately harmless. But...

William West, M.C.Ed. - Imagination is a strong time killer. If you have nothing to do physically, then your imagination becomes a way to take your mind off mundane things. If you can’t go anywhere because of the COVID-19 pandemic, then let your mind travel. We...

William West, M.C.Ed. - With everyone stuck at home, it might be beneficial to know that stepping outside for even 15 minutes a day may help alleviate some of the COVID-19 symptoms—if you were to catch it. Standing in the sun for 15 minutes (a little longer if you...

Displaying 1 - 3