great number believed

Acts 11:21

11:21 great number believed. Many of these new converts were undoubtedly Hellenistic Jews, but probably some were real Greeks as well, for soon the Antioch church did include many Gentile members (note Acts 15:23). In any case, the establishment of this thriving new church in Antioch was not marked by a miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as had happened at Jerusalem and Caesarea. The latter were unique, not-to-be-repeated divine testimonials to the coming of the Holy Spirit, on Jewish and Gentile believers, respectively. Since that time, the regular ministry of the Spirit has been in operation, convicting the unsaved, baptizing each new believer into the body of Christ, and bestowing individual gifts of the Spirit according to His will (see notes on I Corinthians 12:4-13).

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