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New Defender's Study Bible Notes

16:8 upon the sun. Note Malachi 4:1; Isaiah 24:6; 30:26. The angel responsible for the sun’s energy conversion processes, and understanding their real nature, will be able to intensify them perhaps sevenfold (Isaiah 30:26). The intense heat and light, little relieved even at night, will aggravate their sores even more. Furthermore, the high temperatures will likely melt the polar ice caps, causing a rapid rise in sea level which will inundate and destroy most of the great and wicked cities of the world, situated as they are almost at sea level (New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rome, Amsterdam, etc.). Such Scriptures as Job 38:22-23 seems to suggest such a thing as well: “…the treasures (literally ‘storehouses’) of the snow…Which I have reserved against the time of trouble [or ‘tribulation’].” Note also Amos 9:5-6 and Psalm 147:17-18 in this connection.

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