The New Defender's Study Bible

"The Bible does have the answer; its gospel can be defended; and it is hoped that this New Defender's Study Bible will prove of significant help in this great cause to those who use it. Its annotations explain the Bible's difficult passages, resolve its alleged contradictions, point out the evidences of its divine origin, confirm its historical accuracy, note its remarkable anticipations of modern science, demonstrate its fulfilled prophecies and in general remove any doubts about its inerrancy, its authority and its ability to meet every human need."—Dr. Henry M. Morris, The New Defender's Study Bible (Nashville, TN: World Publishing, 2006), p. iv.

ICR's online version of The New Defender's Study Bible is the companion to the printed version, The Henry Morris Study Bible, available at ICR's online store. We encourage you to use both versions in your study of God's truth.

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