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Saying More with Less

Tag lines at businesses help customers quickly get to the nuts and bolts of what describes products or services they offer. Here are a few samples:

“Save money. Live better.” — Walmart
“Moving forward.” — Toyota
“The right relationship.” — Chase
“Let’s build something together.” — Lowes

Ministries use these pithy statements, too, and one of ours at ICR is “Biblical. Accurate. Certain.”

These three words are meant to help others understand that what we do here in our ministry is founded on biblical truth, thoroughly vetted to be accurate, and presented with a high level of certainty in order to give readers confidence in our message, which is ultimately rooted in the message of our Creator.

Whether through our periodicals like Acts & Facts or Days of Praise, through one of our three international radio programs, at the hundreds of seminars and conferences we give each year, or during our graduate school classes, those who encounter ICR should quickly recognize those three attributes about our ministry. They are vital characteristics of the life blood of our work every day.

Dr. Henry Morris III will be discussing these three fundamental principles of our ministry, beginning this month with the important pillar of our biblical heritage and foundation. Look for his continuing articles on why we value the qualities of accuracy and certainty in both our scientific research and biblical teaching.

The importance of the Bible is significant to us at ICR and we pray it is to you as well. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Version of the Bible, the most popular English translation to date. Read more about this on page 10.

This month marks the one-year anniversary of ICR’s new Bio-Origins research initiative. A significant undertaking related to the biblical “kinds” as described in Genesis, ICR’s science team continues this multi-year project to help us understand better, from science and the Bible, the intricate design and purpose engineered into the world around us. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson gives a one-year overview on page 6.

On page 22 we’ve featured a popular resurrection article by ICR founder Dr. Henry Morris titled “Impact of the Empty Tomb.” A booklet-length publication, we’ve printed just the first portion of this insightful article and have placed the entire booklet online at

Speaking of online resources, don’t forget to visit both our main website ( and our online store (, where you’ll find thousands of articles about the Bible and science spanning over 40 years of research and teaching by ICR’s professional staff, as well as a great selection of book, Bibles, DVDs, and other products for you, your family, and those you wish to impact with the message of the Creator.

One of our newest books is Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs. It’s a fantastic book for kids, with lots of pull-outs and features that hold their attention and teach them the truth about dinosaurs. Order your copy today.

And, as always, remember to pray for the staff and ministry of ICR. Each day here is filled with hard work and great expectation of the Lord’s blessings, knowing that you’re standing behind us with your intercession and generous financial support.

Thanks for investing in eternity!

* Mr. Ford is the Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research

Cite this article: Ford, L. 2011. Saying More with Less. Acts & Facts. 40 (4): 3.

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