The Gospel and ICR

Brian Thomas, M.S.

Scripture tells us that God exists outside the universe and commanded the worlds into being without pre-existing material over six days only thousands of years ago. Why do these specifics matter? They come from the same Word as the gospel, and eternal destinies are on the line. More...

Eyes of Wonder

Jayme Durant

Some of my favorite memories of Christmas surround my children and grandchildren. It’s always fun to watch their faces as they open gifts and discover something new underneath all the wrapping. The gift is always worth the price to see their eyes of wonder. More...

Just What Is Homo naledi?

Tim Clarey. Ph.D.

Over four years have passed since Lee Berger’s discovery of Homo naledi bones. Yet, bone disputes in the scientific literature leave many still wondering what these fossils truly represent. Is H. naledi some type of human, or does it better match an extinct ape like the famous Australopithecus “Lucy”? More...

Testing Old-Earth Climate Claims, Part 2

Jake Hebert, Ph.D.

Secular scientists claim that dozens of ice ages have occurred within the last few million years, supposedly paced by variations in the way sunlight falls on Earth. That theory is widely accepted because of a well-known 1976 paper. However, the scientists have since invalidated their own results! More...

The Created Placenta

Frank Sherwin, M.A.

The complex mammalian placenta is an organ to which, in a sense, we all owe our lives. It’s formed by the fusion of maternal and embryonic tissues and establishes vascular contact between mother and child. Evolutionists struggle to explain the origin of placental mammals. More...

Beauty in Motion: Formula 1 Drivers

Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D.

Watching a Formula 1 car maneuver at high speeds is exciting. Driving one is a different story altogether. The race is a competition of driver skill and car performance—with driving ability as the greater factor. Fortunately, the human body comes well-equipped to handle the challenges. More...

Who Were Cro-Magnon People?

Brian Thomas, M.S.

God designed the human frame to express variations. Every person differs in some unique way from everyone else. This is true for human fossils like those some call “Cro-Magnon.” Who were these ancient people, and do they somehow suggest humans evolved from non-humans? More...

Cactus, Bats, and Christmas Gift-Giving

James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D.

Darwinists teach that nature is just a gladiatorial arena of cutthroat competition, a “survival of the fittest” contest. They routinely skew their caricature of nature to overemphasize its brutal death struggle as if death were some sort of good, driving life force. But how should a Christian view nature? More...

The Seed of Promise

Henry M. Morris IV

Adam and Eve knew their willful rebellion shattered the perfect relationship they had enjoyed with their Creator and ushered in our current world of sin, death, and decay. But thank God, even in the midst of pronouncing the Curse, He lovingly offered a resolution! More...


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