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Upcoming Events

Denton Bible Church • Denton, TX
Nov 24, 2019
Denton Bible Church 2300 E. University Dr. Denton, TX 76209 (map)
Dr. Tim Clarey will speak on biblical creation at Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas. Dr. Clarey will show how sedimentary evidence across several continents confirms the occurrence of a global flood. Oil industry data compiled into maps and diagrams illustrates the progression of the Flood and matches the biblical narrative. True science supports a young, created earth and a global flood. Read more »
First Fundamental Bible Church • Whittier, CA
Jan 10, 2020
First Fundamental Bible Church 11000 Washington Blvd. Whittier, CA 90606 (map)
Frank Sherwin will speak on biblical creation at First Fundamental Bible Church in Whittier, California. The case for creation is rooted in what Paul teaches in Romans 1—that God’s work and attributes are “clearly seen.” Mr. Sherwin will describe the tools needed to discern objects that have been made vs. objects that form over time through chance and natural processes. Learn about big creatures like blue whales and even tiny bacteria that help keep our waters clean. From Japanese spider crabs to sand grains, from moon tides to deep sea vents, the creatures and features in Earth’s oceans affirm the reality of the global Flood and the reliability of the Bible.   Read more »
IFCA Regional Meeting • Anaheim, CA
Jan 11, 2020
Community Bible Church 2930 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92804 (map)
Frank Sherwin will speak on biblical creation at the IFCA Southern California Regional Meeting in Anaheim, California. Everyone has a worldview. Sadly, many adopt a materialistic one that embraces Darwinian evolution as an alternative to the Genesis creation account. Ideas have consequences, especially when they're connected to our origin and destiny.
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Bible Science Association • Santa Clarita, CA
Jan 11, 2020
24728 Quigley Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, CA 91321 (map)
Frank Sherwin will speak on biblical creation at a meeting of the Bible-Science Association of Southern California on the campus of the Master's University in Santa Clarita, California. A recurring question Christians and non-Christians have is the problem of predation. What were parasites before the Fall? Was there venom in snakes? What was the purpose  – if it existed – in God’s very good creation? Frank Sherwin will address these valid questions for a creation science perspective. Read more »
Made in His Image Weekend • ICR Discovery Center • Dallas, TX
Jan 17, 2020 - Jan 18, 2020
ICR Discovery Center 1830 Royal Ln, Dallas, TX 75229 (map)
HeartStrong Faith Conference • Dallas, TX
Feb 28, 2020 - Feb 29, 2020
First Baptist Church 1707 San Jacinto St. Dallas, TX 75201 (map)
ICR will be an exhibitor at the HeartStrong Faith Conference held at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.

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Nebraska Christian Home Educators Conference • Lincoln, NE
Mar 6, 2020 - Mar 7, 2020
Indian Hills Community Church 1000 S 84th St. Lincoln, NE 68510 (map)
Dr. Randy Guliuzza will speak on biblical creation at the Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association Conference and Curriculum Fair in Lincoln, Nebraska. Darwinism has ruled science for over 150 years, but few today know the details of its less-than-stellar track record. Dr. Guliuzza will show how this mainstream model fails in light of new scientific research. Humans are not descended from apes. Instead, we are fearfully and wonderfully created in God’s image just as Genesis proclaims. Read more »
Tyndale Heritage Lecture Series • Hurst, TX
Mar 27, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
Tyndale Theological Seminary 701 W. Pipeline Rd, Hurst, TX 76053 (map)
Dr. Jim Johnson will present "Blending the Great Commission with the Genesis Mandate" as part of the Tyndale Heritage Lecture Series at Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute in Hurst, TX. More information will be available soon.

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Uncovering the Truth about Creation • Battle Ground, WA
Apr 24, 2020 - Apr 25, 2020
Word of Grace Bible Church 1317 NW 12th Ave Battle Ground, WA 98604 (map)
First Baptist Church • Gholson, TX
May 3, 2020
First Baptist Church of Gholson 228 Wildcat Circle Waco, Texas 76705 (map)
Dr. Jake Hebert will speak on biblical creation at First Baptist Church of Gholson, Texas. Christians are regularly faced with “scientific” attacks on the first 11 chapters of Genesis. But real observations from astronomy, paleontology, and other disciplines match the Bible’s depiction of a world that is only thousands of years old. Dr. Hebert will explain how the Bible easily makes sense of the historical and scientific evidence about dinosaurs, the ice age and more. Read more »
Countryside Bible Church • Southlake, TX
Jun 14, 2020
Countryside Bible Church 250 Countryside Ct. Southlake, TX 76092 (map)
Dr. Henry M. Morris III will speak on biblical creation at Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, Texas. The whole of Scripture depends on the historicity of Genesis. The setting for the gospel, the basics of societal relationships, and the foundation for history itself are set in Genesis. If Genesis is merely allegorical or illustrative, then the rest of Scripture is incidental and irrelevant. We cannot know God or understand His grand purpose for history unless we understand Genesis. Read more »
Grand Canyon Adventure
Aug 19, 2020 - Aug 25, 2020
Las Vegas Marriott 325 Convention Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89109 (map)
Dr. Tim Clarey will lead a Grand Canyon Adventure hosted by Landmark Events. The trip will begin and end in Las Vegas and includes meals, 6 nights of lodging (1 at Las Vegas Marriott and 5 in the canyon), a sunset dinner cruise on Lake Mead, a helicopter ride to the Bar 10 Ranch from the canyon floor, daily side hikes, and biblical teaching on geology, history, theology, and worldview. Learn about God’s creation and the catastrophic destruction of the Genesis Flood. Read more »
God's Grand Design Conference • Flint, TX
Sep 16, 2020 - Sep 20, 2020
11131 FM 2868, Flint, TX 75762 (map)