He shall have none

Jeremiah 36:30

36:30 He shall have none. Jehoiakim’s eleven-year reign was intolerably wicked, climaxed by his burning the written word of God as given to Jeremiah and read to him by Jeremiah’s scribe, Baruch. Although his son, Jeconiah, did reign for three months after Jehoiakim’s death, this was contrary to God’s decree, and God renewed his judgment against the sons of Jeconiah (see Jeremiah 22:30). Jeconiah himself was quickly dethroned and carried captive to Babylon. Apparently he was not as wicked as his father, however, or his uncle, Zedekiah, who judged Israel for a time after him. Furthermore, he yielded to Nebuchadnezzar without resisting him (as Jeremiah had counseled), so he was later treated kindly in Babylon (II Kings 25:27-30).

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