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The Gift of God Himself

Each Christmas we remember how deeply God loves us. His wondrous plan of salvation—first set in motion in the Garden of Eden—was miraculously manifested in the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ some two millennia ago. But Jesus is so much more than a babe in the manger. He is the great Seed foretold in the beginning—the very Creator Himself who walked “in the garden in the cool of the day” and prophesized the necessity of His own death for you and for me (Genesis 3:8, 15). Christ then became our Savior and Redeemer when He willingly sacrificed Himself for us, victoriously conquered sin and death, and is now alive forevermore!

It is this Seed—the gift of God Himself—that we celebrate each Christmas. And just as the wise men brought gifts to honor the Lord Jesus (Matthew 2:11), it is fitting we give gifts to emulate His great love for us. If ICR’s ministry is a blessing to you, please consider the following ways you can partner with us and honor the greatest Gift of all.

Gifts of Cash: Cash donations are the most helpful and versatile form of support to our ministry, and are fully tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law. Send us a gift in the mail, or visit to donate online or set up recurring monthly gifts.

IRA Gifts: IRA account owners 70½ years or older can make qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) up to $100,000 each year without declaring it as income. Not only are these special gifts exempt from federal income tax, they also count toward your required minimum withdrawal. Please contact your IRA administrator to bless ICR with a gift, or visit for more information.

Stock Gifts: Financial markets remain near all-time highs, so this could be the best time to give shares of stocks or mutual funds. Shares held for at least one year can be gifted directly to ICR, providing you with a full tax deduction at their current value while bypassing capital gain taxes. Contact ICR for our brokerage information, or visit

Workplace Campaigns: Large corporations and government organizations offer automatic payroll deduction to give to charities of the employee’s choosing. Employees can recognize ICR as a write-in designation, and federal government and military personnel can give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #23095, National/International section).

Charitable Gift Annuities: For seniors 70 years or older, CGAs provide the best guaranteed returns in the market today. For as little as $20,000, an ICR gift annuity will provide fixed income for life, a present tax deduction, and a tax-free portion on future payments—benefits secular annuities can’t match. If you’d like to help ICR and still need ongoing income, this option may be right for you. Not all states qualify and rates are dependent on age, so please contact us for a personal no-obligation proposal.

ICR is thankful for those who share a portion of their financial resources to support our ministry. God is well pleased by these sacrifices—He tells us so in Hebrews 13:16—and I am deeply grateful for you. My staff and I welcome the opportunity to serve you and answer any questions you might have. Please call me direct at 214.615.8313 or email us at May God bless you and your family this Christmas and in the coming year!

* Henry M. Morris IV is Director of Donor Relations at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Henry M. Morris IV. 2021. The Gift of God Himself. Acts & Facts. 50 (12).

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