IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

Traditional or Roth IRA owners who are 70½ years or older can make qualified charitable distributions (a.k.a. IRA charitable rollovers) up to $100,000 each year to qualified charities like ICR. Such gifts are free from federal income tax and may count toward required minimum distributions. What an excellent opportunity to practice good stewardship and support those tax-exempt organizations God has laid on your heart!

To qualify as a tax-free gift, the gift must be distributed directly from the IRA administrator to ICR. If this opportunity is right for you, please contact your IRA administrator and provide the following information:

  • Legal name: Institute for Creation Research
  • Federal Identification Number: 95-3523177
  • Physical Address: 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229
  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 59029, Dallas, TX 75229

For more information about this or other ways to support ICR’s ministry, call 800.337.0375 or email us at