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The Love Of Jonathan And David

"Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul" (I Samuel 18:3).

This "love" covenant between David and Jonathan was in no sense a homosexual relationship, as many have claimed in our morally degenerate modern culture, but one of true friendship and deep admiration. Both were men of great strength and courage. Jonathan knew that God had chosen David to be king instead of himself and was gladly submissive to that choice. He himself had a family (I Samuel 20:15; II Samuel 9:3), and David, of course, had many wives and children.

In this day and age, promoting the so-called "gay" movement has become politically correct, but it can never be Biblically correct, for both Old and New Testaments explicitly rebuke it. Some liberal churches and denominations have approved "same-sex marriages" and even "gay" pastors and priests, but that fact does not change God's Word.

David did commit the serious sins of adultery and arranged murder, for which he paid dearly before repenting and confessing them, and then being restored to God's favor. But he never disbelieved or doubted the revealed laws of God, and the same was undoubtedly true of Jonathan. David wrote, in fact, that "The law of the LORD is perfect," and that His judgments "are true and righteous altogether" (Psalm 19:7, 9).

He would surely never have questioned or ignored the Mosaic laws against sodomy or other such unnatural sexual behavior (note, e.g., Leviticus 20:13; Deuteronomy 23:17). Christians today have even stronger Biblical grounds for repudiating such practices (Romans 1:26-29; I Corinthians 6:9; etc., as well as all the Old Testament prohibitions). It is still an "abomination" (Leviticus 18:22) to God, and Christians cannot approve it. HMM

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