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ICR Discovery Center's First Anniversary Celebration!

The ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History recently celebrated the first anniversary of its grand opening. To commemorate this milestone, the staff of our Dallas museum planned six days of fun and educational activities during the first week of September. They offered live science presentations, hands-on science experiments, scientist-led tours of the exhibit hall, opportunities to look through a solar telescope, story times for children, giveaways, and food trucks.

Local Christian radio personalities from KLTY and Air1 broadcast live from the Discovery Center campus, and visitors experienced the premiere of ICR’s new planetarium show, Exploring Deep Space. This in-depth film investigates the wonders of our solar system and the universe beyond, including blue stars, spiral galaxies, and mysterious black holes. Through this awe-inspiring presentation, viewers discover compelling evidence for a recently created universe.

We’re so grateful for the many guests who visited the Discovery Center in its first year and hope to welcome even more in the coming year. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, we hope you’ll plan your trip soon. We’re doing everything we can to make your time here safe, faith-building, and fun. Get details and tickets at ICRdiscoverycenter.org.

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Due to the Dallas County court order, guests age 10 and older must wear a mask inside the Discovery Center. Please visit ICRdiscoverycenter.org for ongoing updates.

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