Humans Are Stewards with Purpose and Accountability

Man has dominion over the earth, but that dominion cannot exceed the boundaries of God's laws, meaning that we are stewards of God's creation.

Responsible stewardship includes the following:

  • Responsible environmental management that includes consideration for the preservation of the ecosystem and provides for basic human needs.
  • Not engaging in reproductive technologies that intentionally destroy human life or create human life for experimentation.
  • Application of biotechnology to provide relief from human suffering, while not encouraging human genetic or cybernetic enhancement that provide "superhuman" qualities.

Christ left an example by relieving human suffering around Him, but not providing enhancement to those who were not in need of healing. He did these things to bring glory to God and to reveal Himself as God's Son. He never performed miracles to glorify the disciples or others that surrounded Him. The disciples also followed this example and made it clear when they healed someone that God should be acknowledged for their deliverance.