New Images of the ICR Discovery Center

Aerial view from the north east showing outdoor park, Planetarium pavilion, and Exhibit Hall


Main entrance from the east.


Exterior view from the west.


Main entrance and Planetarium pavilion from the north across Royal Lane.


Park view showing main walking pathway from parking areas


Park view from the east showing DNA water fountain and Planetarium pavilion


3-D view of interior from the south east


Cross-section view of Planetarium with step floor and tilted dome


Overall site plan


Lobby view of Front Desk, Gift Shop, and entrance to Exhibit Hall


Main Entry view from Front Desk


Angled view of Auditorium: The blue circles show where the heads of attendees will be, providing everyone a clear line of sight to the presenter.


Straight-line view of Auditorium with large multimedia screen and raised speaker stage


Lobby view from Front Desk featuring a museum-quality replica of Ivan the T. rex and entrance to the Planetarium


Discovery Center Gift Shop