Matching Gifts

Tax-deductible donations to ICR may qualify for matching gifts from many corporate philanthropic programs, offering an excellent way to double your contribution to ICR’s work. Virtually all such programs will match donations made to institutions of higher education, and ICR's graduate degree program offering the Masters of Christian Education amply meets most requirements.

Corporate programs will typically match donations dollar-for-dollar up to specified limits for gifts of cash or securities made by their employees and retirees. In lieu of a matching cash gift, certain technology companies may provide much needed-computer software at a fraction of retail costs.

Many companies do not actively promote their matching gift programs, leaving it up to the individual employee to initiate the process. Each company maintains its own guidelines, but most corporate programs follow a fairly simple method:

  • Request a Matching Gift Form from your HR department, or log on to your company website to initiate a Matching Gift Request.
  • Complete the form—either online or on paper—and submit it to ICR along with your gift.

— Online notifications can be directed to

— Paper forms can be mailed to:

Attn: Director of Donor Relations
P. O. Box 59029
Dallas, TX 75229

  • ICR will verify the gift, complete the remainder of the form, and return it to your company with any required documentation.
  • The company then issues a matching gift contribution back to ICR.

It’s that easy.

So if you work for a company that offers a matching gift program, please prayerfully consider taking advantage of this wonderful benefit. ICR stands ready to help you through the process, so feel free to contact us at 800.337.0375 or should you need assistance. Together we can truly “sow bountifully” for the cause of Christ (2 Corinthians 9:6).

As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry of the United States of America, all gifts to ICR are completely tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. law.