Wiring Information for Overseas Banks

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work and ministry of the Institute for Creation Research! For our supporters overseas who wish to wire funds to our ministry, please call our Business Department at 800.337.0375 or send an email to stewardship@icr.org for detailed information to facilitate the wire transfer.

ICR Address Information: Should your bank require ICR’s address, our physical and post office box addresses are shown below:

      Physical Address: 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX 75229
  Post Office Box: P. O. Box 59029, Dallas, TX 75229


Please note: ICR is qualified only in the United States of America as a federally recognized tax-exempt nonprofit ministry. While we welcome financial assistance from our international supporters, please be advised that funds donated from outside the USA may not qualify for tax deductions in their country of origin.