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Cedarville University Honors ICR Graduate - Article
- ... Cedarville University. Dr. Whitmore, who earned his M.S. in Geology at ICR, joined the faculty at Cedarville in 1991 and serves as Associate Professor of...
Flood Geology and Intelligent Design - Article
William A. Hoesch, M.S. - ... earth science owes quite a debt to both Flood geology and intelligent design. According to some, both movements had their start in the twentieth century, but actually these movements played a big role in the history of geology centuries ago...
The Prestige of Historical Geology - Article
William A. Hoesch, M.S. - ... an incoming university student of geology I was required to take a class in Historical Geology. I can recall my professor saying, "back in the Dark Ages . . ." intelligent people actually believed the Bible, including doctrines like a...
Creation Geology
... we believe both the Bible and geology? ICR geologist and Research Associate Dr. Tim Clarey uncovers how both fit together in this 5-part podcast series on creation geology. Dr. Clarey shares a unique geological perspective on the worldwide...
ICR Grad John Whitmore Receives Cedarville University Promotion - Article
Christine Dao - ... School (ICRGS) graduate John H. Whitmore to professor of geology. Dr. Whitmore earned his undergraduate degree in geology from Kent State University in 1985 and his masters in geology from ICRGS in 1991. He was awarded his doctorate in 2003...
Can Flood Geology Explain Thick Chalk Beds? - Article
Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D. - ... Chalk) (Pettijohn, 1957). Keywords Chalk Beds, Flood Geology, Hardgrounds For Full Text Please see the Download PDF link above for the entire...
Looking Young - Content
... Diamonds and Strata Have Too Much Carbon 14Resource Links: Geology Air Jordan Trainer Essentialvar nsSGCDsaF1=new...
Introducing ICR's New Geologist: Timothy Clarey, Ph.D. - Article
Staff Writer - at Delta College in Michigan, where Dr. Timothy Clarey taught geology for 17 years, are echoed by other students. Dr. Clarey knew how to communicate sometimes difficult material to his college students. Like the rest of ICR’s scientists,...
Empirical data support seafloor spreading and catastrophic plate tectonics - Article
Tim Clarey, Ph.D. - ... tectonics, even suggesting that a schism has divided Flood geology. Creation scientists who accept the validity of plate motion have been accused of ‘naturalism’ and have been labelled as ‘remodellers’. However,...
Little Grand Canyon - Content
... Geological Processes Were CatastrophicResource Links: Geology Womens Nike Cortezvar nsSGCDsaF1=new...
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