Dr. Brian Thomas, Dr. Jim Johnson, Dr. Tim Clarey, and Mr. Frank Sherwin will speak on biblical creation during the Origins Series held on Wednesday nights at First McKinney Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas. Have you wondered how the creation story of Genesis fits with the evolutionary theories of popular science? You’re not alone. Many Christians wrestle with the seeming disparity between faith and science. The Origins Series seeks to resolve this conflict by answering key questions about the origin of human life, the age of the universe, and how science evidence lines up with the Bible.

Date: Sep 18, 2019


Wednesday, August 28
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6:30 p.m. Dr. Brian Thomas "A Creation Conversion" Where did we come from? Do questions about origins matter to the core doctrines of Christianity? Dr. Thomas’ personal story of discovery touches on the earth’s age, the fossil record, and how Genesis lays the foundation for the gospel.
Wednesday, September 4
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6:30 p.m. Mr. Frank Sherwin "Human Evolution" The media, movies, and nature programs overwhelmingly emphasize the idea that humans evolved from primate ancestors. But what do genetics and the fossil record say? Do people and chimps really have 98% similar DNA? Who or what was “Lucy”? Were the Neanderthals sub-human? Mr. Sherwin’s non-technical presentation confirms that people have always been people, just as Genesis says.
Wednesday, September 11
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6:30 p.m. Dr. Tim Clarey "The Truth of the Genesis Flood" In this presentation, Dr. Clarey shows how sedimentary evidence across several continents confirms the occurrence of a global flood. He presents oil industry data compiled into maps and diagrams that illustrate the progression of the Flood and match the biblical narrative. He provides biblically based scientific explanations for large-scale sedimentary deposits that were rapidly formed by catastrophic activity.
Wednesday, September 18
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6:30 p.m. Dr. Jim Johnson "Ancient History Corroborates Genesis History" The history presented in Genesis is corroborated by ancient Chinese pictographs, archaeological discoveries, and Flood stories from all over the world. The pictographic language preserves a memory of God, creation, Adam and Eve, mankind’s sin in the Garden of Eden, Cain’s murder of Abel, the Genesis Flood, and the Tower of Babel.

Family Life Center Theater
First McKinney
1615 W. Louisiana St.
McKinney, TX 75069

For more information please call 972.542.0041 or email events@ICR.org.

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