the great river Euphrates

Revelation 16:12

16:12 the great river Euphrates. Although the ocean level will rise because of the melting of the ice caps, the great rivers of the world will tend to dry up because of the intense heat of the sun, and this will especially affect the key river Euphrates, flowing by Babylon and providing the main water supply for its industries and inhabitants. Much of its water comes from its source high in the permanent ice cap on Mount Ararat, which also now conceals the remains of Noah’s ark. By this time, the drought of the first 3½ years will probably have melted this ice cap, and will have revealed the ark as a final convincing testimony to the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day and the folly of evolutionary geology. Then, the intense heat of this plague will contribute to the more rapid depletion of Euphrates compared to other great rivers.

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