wearieth the thick cloud

Job 37:11

37:11 wearieth the thick cloud. Although the language is figurative, the meteorology is accurate. The mystery of the “balancing of the clouds,” keeping them aloft against the force of gravity, is mentioned in Job 26:8 and 37:16. This mystery has been solved by modern science, so that it is now understood that the droplets of liquid water in the clouds are kept aloft by the force exerted by updrafts of wind. When the droplets coalesce to form large drops of water, however, then their weight can overcome these forces and the drops will fall to the ground as rain or snow. That is, by increased “watering,” the clouds become thick and can no longer maintain their stability, being “wearied,” so to speak. Note also Job 36:27,28. The condensation of water vapor into droplets and then into raindrops or snowflakes is apparently facilitated by electrical discharges in the atmosphere—the lightning, then thunder, then rain or snow. Note Job 37:3-6.

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