first of all the fruit

Deuteronomy 26:2

26:2 first of all the fruit. The offering of the “firstfruits” (Leviticus 23:10-14), as well as that of the “firstlings” of the flocks (Exodus 13:11-13), were understood as expressions of thankfulness to the Lord–who owns all the cattle and all the lands–for providing one’s needs, and also a testimony of faith that these would continue to be met after the firstfruits had been offered. The principle of seeking first God’s kingdom, trusting that He will then continue to supply our material needs, is still valid (Matthew 6:31-34).

26:5 Syrian. The word translated “Syrian” is actually “Aramaean.” Jacob’s tribe, which originated in Syria when he was in the employ of Laban (see Genesis 29,30), did not become the nation of Israel as such until Jacob had first received the name “Israel,” and his children became known as “the children of Israel” when they went with him down into Egypt.

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