New Online Certificate Program Now Available | The Institute for Creation Research
New Online Certificate Program Now Available

Our post-modern world is saturated with compromise in politics, science, law, medicine, and even theology. Knowing and defending God’s truth has never been more vital to our mission as believers.

But transforming our culture with truth begins with allowing His truth to first transform us.

Your Role as God’s Steward

As a Christian leader, you have a tremendous opportunity to influence men and women by modeling a worldview that recognizes the authority of the Creator and the authenticity of His Word.

ICR’s Creationist Worldview program will equip you with the knowledge and tools required to mentor those within your sphere of influence, motivating them to discern truth, defend truth, and demonstrate truth to a culture on the verge of moral bankruptcy.

Each course will cover biblical, scientific, and cultural topics relevant to the issues you face each day as a leader in your field, such as:

  • How to understand the impact of biblical creation on worldview.
  • How to apply God’s Stewardship Mandate to our changing culture.
  • How to handle conflicts between Scripture and science.
  • How to integrate the Creationist Worldview with the secular workplace.
  • How to train staff to maintain biblical principles on the job.
  • How to respond to non-creationist Christians.
  • and many more.

Professional Development for Leaders

Designed as a web-based study program, the Creationist Worldview is conveniently tailored around the needs of the working professional. Online course materials and tests are supplemented with textbooks from leading authorities and other audio/visual media that allow participants to dig deeper into each area of study. Coursework is completed at your own pace.

Start impacting your world. Enroll today.

To register, call 800.337.0375, or visit us online at Creation Worldview.

The Creationist Worldview online program is offered exclusively through
ICR Distance Education.

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