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Creation Ministry in the United Kingdom

Three fossilized teeth and the Big Bang were news headlines when I arrived in the United Kingdom to conduct a speaking tour of England and Scotland on behalf of the Creation Science Foundation of Australia and the Institute for Creation Research in the United States.

As many of you are aware, newspapers around the world recently carried articles indoctrinating the public to believe that scientists had found evidence that "proved" the Big Bang. However, for any that read the scientific journals, it quickly became obvious that the newspapers had grossly misrepresented and distorted the facts. The scientist in charge of the experiments admitted that the 30 millionths of a degree variation they had found in the background radiation was well below the accuracy of the instruments— that what they found could be basically meaningless. In Science, Vol. 256, May 1, 1992, this same scientist admitted he could be wrong and that the effect (if real) could be due to the motion of our galaxy through the background radiation.

However, in the United Kingdom, the press went after this story with seeming religious fervor. The day after I arrived in the United Kingdom, I was to speak at a pastors' luncheon. One of the widely read newspapers carried the story about this supposed evidence for the Big Bang, and stated: " . . . . it has blown away the last shreds of necessity for a supreme being to explain how the universe came into existence . . . God is made redundant. Science does now 'have no need of that theory.'"

Once they were told the truth about all this, quoting from evolutionist publications such as Science and Nature, people were angry that they had been led astray and embarrassed that they had trusted the secular press. It has become increasingly obvious that the secular press will go to almost any lengths to try to convince people there is no God.

At about the same time this was happening, another article appeared on the front page of the nation's Daily Telegraph with the headline, "MAN DESCENDED FROM TWO POUND MONKEY."

The article stated: Three fossilized teeth of the oldest known ancestor of all humans, who lived some 50 million years ago, have been found in the Algerian desert. He looked like a tiny monkey with a long tail, and weighed two pounds . . . lived on fruit and leaves and had learned to swing on tree branches." Not bad! From three teeth they could tell all that! The amusing part of the story is that one of the world's most distinguished anthropologists said: There is not the slightest chance that it could be a hoax or mistake." However, a professor from the Natural History Museum, London, thought these other scientists were going too far when they said this creature ate fruit--he went on to say that the creature ate leaves!!

I reminded the people that back in 1922, The Illustrated London News carried a picture of "Nebraska Man"—one of man's ancestors. This so-called "Ape-man" and his mate, along with the tools they used and food they ate, was pictured in the newspaper for the entire world to see. Of course we now know this was all built up on the basis of one tooth that was discovered some time later to be that of a pig!

Thus began my 2,500-mile journey through the English and Scottish countryside, speaking in town after town—and what a response! The sponsors said they had never seen such a positive response to a much-needed message. I must admit that the deep spiritual response overwhelmed me. It was something I had never experienced before in the 15 years I have been in the creation ministry. I believe there was a moving of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of people on this tour that is beyond human explanation

The United Kingdom, a century or two ago, was professedly Christian, and led the world in mission outreach. However, today, there is very little vestige of any Christian belief in this nation. No Christian radio; Bible-believing churches on the whole are small and struggling. Many pastors who spoke to me were dejected and frustrated at what seems to be an inability of the Christian message to reach people in this once God-fearing country.

After one public meeting I conducted, a pastor with a real heart for evangelism told me that he was becoming alarmed because his evangelistic methods were not working. Then he heard me talk on "Creation Evangelism" and the "Relevance" message. When he realized the foundational importance of Genesis—that evolution was religion, and that the foundation of creation and thus the basis for the Gospel message and all other absolutes—had been replaced in the United Kingdom with the foundation of evolution, the basis for humanistic philosophy, and when he saw how the increasing rejection of Christian ethics and the increasing acceptance of abortion, homosexuality, etc., went hand in hand with the increasing acceptance of evolution, he said that this "blew his mind."

"The Missing Ingredient"

He suddenly realized what was missing in his approach. He said that the creation/evolution issue always came up when he was trying to witness to people, but he just ignored it. Now he realized he had to deal with it. He was so thankful for the information which would help him do so.

One pastor said, "I'm ashamed to have to buy The Answers Book because I should know the answers about creation and Genesis, but I don't." Another pastor in London told me: "This will reorient my whole approach in preaching." Another pastor said: "What you are saying is that the answers are simple and we don't need to be experts to oppose evolution—we tend to keep quiet because we are not scientists and we think we have no right to give answers. Thank you for arming us for the battle!"

Repenting of Compromise

It is obvious that the time is ripe for the foundational message of creation to be proclaimed far and wide—the world needs it—evolutionists need to be exposed for what they have done--the church needs to repent of its compromise with an anti-God religion.

The message I received over and over again from Christian leaders and the general public was: "We need this message. We are a nation that has been destroyed by evolutionary teaching." How can we get more information?

Several creationist societies exist in Great Britian and are moving to fill this void. They need our help for the need is great. The Lord has laid a heavy burden on my heart to go back and conduct major seminars across the country and run programs for pastors to teach them about Genesis. I want to help train local people to take up this challenge to continue the work.

The time is certainly ripe. The three thousand people who attended the meetings across the country were hungry for the truth. They bought creation books and videos with an intensity and fervor that proved this hunger—a hunger so intense we believe God is moving His people in this nation.

Pray for more workers to take this vital message around the world. You, our loyal supporters, are a part of a vital ministry in the history of this world. These are exciting times; even though there is much uncertainty from the world's perspective, we have a sure and steadfast Word from the Creator of all things.

Cite this article: Kenneth Ham. 1992. Creation Ministry in the United Kingdom. Acts & Facts. 21 (8).

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