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The ministry of ICR has many different facets, and, of course, we specialize in studying origins and the book of Genesis. However, regardless of whether we are involved in technical scientific research, or communicating information to the public, our major aims include seeing people commit their lives to Jesus Christ, and building up the faith and witnessing ability of Christians.

In this month's article, I wanted to share with you some exciting testimonies from people this ministry has touched. We receive an enormous number of letters and testimonies from people across the USA and other parts of the world that not only encourage us, but excite us to keep forging ahead in the battle.

Personal Testimonies

At one of our recent seminars, a young man told us that he purchased the video, "Creation and the Last Days," and showed it to his non-Christian mother. After watching this message, she said that many of her questions had been answered, and she committed her life to Christ.

At another program, an excited young lady informed us that she had given the "Understanding Genesis" set of videos to her best friend. As a result, her friend showed it to her brother and father, and all three committed their lives to Christ, were baptized, and are really on fire for the Lord.

Radio Response

ICR's radio program has greatly increased in popularity and is now on 450 Radio stations across the nation. Letters are received daily. The following is an excerpt from a letter that arrived recently:

I listened to your broadcast . . . it was on the topic of where dinosaurs and prehistory, so called, fit into the Biblical viewpoint of Creation. As a Christian and the mother of two young children, I've asked myself this question thousands of times. Your program was an answer to prayer. I have sons who will be entering public education very soon. I want to be ready to disarm erroneous and prejudicial teachings against Biblical creation.

Secular University Ministry

A professor from a large secular university wrote to us to tell us how he is able to use many of our materials in the classroom for a course involved in language and human affairs. This professor used the book, What is Creation Science?, a number of videos from "Understanding and Back to Genesis," the "Origins" series of videos, and other miscellaneous materials.

Most of his students are not Christians. He sent us numerous responses he has received from these university students.

I think Morris and Parker were the most helpful this semester. They challenged my own beliefs. They made me think where I stood. After analyzing each side, I think I am better able to describe and communicate my thoughts.

At first I wondered about those who impose their beliefs and convictions. The truth is, you've gotten me to address mine.

I have been in church all my life, but I have learned more about God in this course than in all my years in church.

Seminar Response

I wanted to personally thank the ICR team for revolutionizing my Christian life. I was both astonished and relieved at learning about creationism. I was astonished by the realization of the lie that has been perpetrated upon us, and greatly relieved to discover that I could defend my belief .... I am challenged by your work to be more aggressive in my defense of creation.

"Back to Genesis" Seminar Affects School Board

Citizens who attended a "Back to Genesis" seminar influenced a local school board. The secular press found out and wrote anti-creationist editorials, etc. However, many people who had attended the seminar wrote to the paper and the debate really heated up. Virtually the whole city heard about this debate. The following is a small excerpt from a report sent to us telling us what caused this furor:

I wanted to thank ICR for the great creation testimony, and give you some examples of how your seminar of two years ago here in Peoria has affected my community.

Recently, the high school had proposed that new textbooks be available for public review. A married couple reviewed the books and found the science books to be totally proevolution without mention of creation. They attended the school board meeting and expressed their concern about the books teaching evolution as fact and not mentioning creation. After deliberation, the school board agreed that a creation supplement would be included next fall.

Christian Leaders’ Breakfast Responses

We have now held over 50 Christian Leaders' breakfasts or luncheons associated with our "Back to Genesis" programs. We have been overwhelmed by the response from pastors. Some with tears in their eyes expressed their joy at knowing they could really trust the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

A Baptist pastor wrote on his response card: "This has begun to give me answers to the questions I've never quite been comfortable with. Evolution has been the champion of moral relativism. You have put this in perspective."

Another pastor wrote: "This has provided me with a breath of fresh air. I must admit there have been times I've doubted that anybody else still believed in this literal acceptance of God's truth."

School Assembly Response

We often have four to six thousand children at our free school assemblies associated with the "Back to Genesis" program. We have received many letters from the young children who have attended. The following is a typical response from these dear children:

I really enjoyed Back to Genesis. It was a good experience learning about the behemoth. I know what to say if someone tells me dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. I'll say, "Were you there ?" and if they say, "No," I'll say, "But I know Someone who was--my best! best! best! Friend, Jesus Christ, my Savior."

There are so many other testimonies we could share with you. For those of you who have heard me speak, I thought you would enjoy this one:

Ken, this is your official notification of "Fast Talker of the Year Award" for your message at our church. This was a record breaker. Never has anyone said so much, so fast, in such a short period of time and been so effective in communicating such a vast amount of knowledge to so many people in a high school gymnasium! . . . It was a very exciting day, and the overwhelming response demonstrates the hunger that people have for the information you presented confirming the relevance of creation to our world today."

Can I make a personal appeal to you all? We have never had so many opportunities to speak. The demand for ministry is more than we can handle. The mail volume, demand for seminars, books, etc., has exploded in recent times. We need to expand to fill the need. As you are able, will you pray for us and financially support this ministry that is at the cutting edge of the battle for the minds of people?

Cite this article: Kenneth Ham. 1991. Creation Evangelism Works. Acts & Facts. 20 (11).

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